The QI Online Petition

The celebrated QI in America petition.

Members of the Talk forum, in an effort to expand QI's estimable reach, have started a petition to reach the discriminating spectators in the United States, one of the largest media audiences in the world. The petition asks BBC America, owned and operated by BBC World, to broadcast the show to US viewers.

The move is not unprecedented, for a similar petition was a powerful enough contributory factor to convince the BBC to release the Series 1 DVD recently. We hope that the show's success, coupled with a solid affirmation from its fans about spreading the word overseas, will make the BBC realise that it's really too good an opportunity to miss.

Over to you

If you want to do your part to spread the splendour of QI, we hope you will take the time to enter your name, and help confirm that a television-viewing public that extends beyond Britain should be exposed to something quite different, quite exciting, and (it goes without saying) quite interesting.

Sign here, and be assured that you've done good for the world today.

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That petition in full...

We, the undersigned, are fans of the television series "QI", which is broadcast in the UK by the BBC and produced by Talkback THAMES productions. At the current time, no editions of the program have appeared on United States television.

We would like all of the four seasons of "QI" to be broadcast in the United States.

The show is exceptionally popular in the UK, and audience numbers continue to increase. It consistently garners the highest audience figures on BBC 4 during its broadcast runs. It has also been nominated for four BAFTA awards, and host Stephen Fry was awarded the Rose d'Or for Best Game Show Host.

QI is based around the philosophy that knowledge is "quite interesting". It contains a strong mixture of top-notch comedy and interesting information that greatly appeals to viewers. Because of the current backlash against the "dumbing down" of the media, we believe that now is the perfect time to make QI available to American audiences.

Amazon's 2006 Christmas global bestseller, the QI Book of General Ignorance, will be made available on American shelves on August 7th, 2007. This release will provide an excellent introduction to the show in the United States.

We therefore request that BBC America and all relevant bodies and parties take action to bring this excellent show to our screens.

Now do sign, please. We don't want to have to force you.