Alan Davies

Alan is one of the UK's favourite comedians and actors. If you've seen him in anything else, it was probably the superlatively quirky cult BBC series Jonathan Creek, in which he plays the part of a woolly-coiffed, windmill-dwelling magician-sleuth. You may also have been lucky enough to see his stand-up routines which have played all over the country, to great acclaim.

On QI, Alan is 'everyman' - the voice of the masses, but with an uncommonly inventive wit, who says what we're all thinking and takes the negative scores upon his shoulders. He makes us realise that asking questions is not something we should shy away from, and more often than not he asks something from so far leftfield that it completely baffles even Stephen. If we don't ask questions, how are we ever going to learn anything?

Alan has an uncanny skill for foreign accents.