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Sod's Law

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21425.  Thu Jun 09, 2005 4:42 pm Reply with quote

Was not mine came from a book "Murphy's Law - or why things go wrong" which I have lost, damn. Time to have another look

21440.  Thu Jun 09, 2005 7:53 pm Reply with quote

Found it, of course in the last place I looked, a few highlights:

Lowery's Law : If it jams force it. If it breaks it needed replacing anyway.

Sattinger's Law: It works better if you plug it in.

Paul's Law: You can't fall off the floor.

Osbourn's Law: Vairiables won't;constants aren't.

Kitman's Law: Pure drivel tends to drive ordinary drivel off the TV.

& Here

& I think they are all here


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