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Friday The Thirteenth

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191464.  Sun Jul 15, 2007 4:56 pm Reply with quote

Mulvil wrote:
Beep wrote:
this may have been an invention of Dan Brown

You mean Dan Brown actually wrote some of the text in that book with his name on it?

Well its an absolutely awful book with very poor dialogue between its characters so he probably wrote a good bit of it

Some of the worst dialogue ever written is what people actually say to each other in real life.

191508.  Mon Jul 16, 2007 4:04 am Reply with quote

Celebaelin wrote:
Missed that somehow. But in all truth just how bored were you Dr bob! I mean really!

Not so much bored as picky. If someone comes out with a "did you know" fact, I simply have to know whether or not it's true and, being an arch sceptic, I also have a tendency not to trust anyone else's workings out.

You could say that this is why I fit in so well on this site, but then again perhaps my life would be a lot quieter if I didn't hang around here :)

Stefan Linnemann
737512.  Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:17 am Reply with quote

markvent wrote:

[8-<] *snip* . But it strikes me that the impact of this would have been only relevant to templar followers, and as far as I can tell 13th October 1307 was a Tuesday! but I'm probably not carrying the 1 when I do my calendar conversions. *snip* [>-8]

Or you are possibly forgetting that there was a date-skipping calendar reform back in 1582.

The Unix program cal does not forget about that, and confirms it was friday, that 13th of October 1307. As it was exactly 654 years later, a date significant to me. :-)


863275.  Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:16 pm Reply with quote

This made me chuckle. A quote from Chambers Myths and Mysteries;

'On Thursday 12th October 1939 the town of French Lick, Indiana, passed a law, beginning at midnight and running throughout the following day, to the effect that all black cats should be belled so the population could avoid them. Off and on, the law remained in force for the ill-omened Fridays until 1942.'

I'd love to know where the town name originated. Sounds like something erotic involving ice cream.

863281.  Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:46 pm Reply with quote

As always when "strange laws" come up on these forums, we must be skeptical - especially when the source is essentially a trivia book (albeit a fairly upmarket one).

The explanation of the name French Lick is in fact quite straightforward. The settlement developed around a French trading post which had been established in 1811, and was close to a salt lick - a place where there was a seam of salt at the surface, which animals would lick.

As well as the salt in solid form, there was also a spring which spouted forth water with a high content of salt and other minerals - and that led to the settlement's first recorded name being Salt Spring. The mineral water had a laxative effect on humans, and in the early C20 it was bottled and sold for that purpose under the name Pluto Water.


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