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176989.  Wed May 23, 2007 3:11 am Reply with quote

Q: What was England's most dangerous sport in 1776?

F: Boxing, wrestling, shooting

A: Cricket?

According to John Major's cricket book MORE THAN A GAME, the cricket match between Kent and Essex in 1776 ended in disaster.

"Played at Tilbury Fort, it saw a fight break out, one of the Kent players shoot and kill a member of the opposing team, an invalid spectator bayoneted and a soldier shot dead."
(The Sun)

It's the only bloodshed on record at Tilbury:

The artillery fort at Tilbury on the Thames estuary protected Londonís seaward approach from the 16th century through to World War II. Henry VIII built the first fort here, and Queen Elizabeth famously rallied her army nearby to face the threat of the Armada. The present fort was begun in 1672 under Charles II: it is much the best example of its type in England, with its complete circuit of moats and bastioned outworks still substantially surviving. The fort mounted powerful artillery to command the river, as well as landward defences. Later, two magazines were constructed to store vast quantities of gun-powder. In one of these a new exhibition traces the role of the fort in the defence of London. Perhaps because of its strength, Tilbury Fort has never been involved in the kind of action for which it was designed. The worst bloodshed within the fort occurred in 1776, when a fight following a Kent-Essex cricket match left a cricketer and the fortís sergeant dead.

177000.  Wed May 23, 2007 3:51 am Reply with quote

But, to be the most dangerous sport in 1776, that does kind of imply that there was no other sport in that year where more than 2 people died.

I'd've though boxing or horse racing would've given it a run for its money.

Maybe there's a question about the most violent game of cricket in history?

537267.  Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:57 am Reply with quote

Is a cricket in my kitchen a sign of good luck?
I just looked down and next to my foot is a cricket. Is it true that if a cricket goes inside ones house it is good luck? If so, I NEED IT!

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537693.  Fri Apr 17, 2009 1:27 pm Reply with quote

According to Wikipedia crickets are considered good luck in Asia, so if you're in Asia you're probably OK.


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