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171163.  Tue May 01, 2007 7:24 am Reply with quote

This would have got me. Again from the DVD

Q: Which country has the highest rate of unemployment in the world?

F: Ethiopia, Namibia, Dominican Republic, Zimbabwe

A: The Republic of Macedonia

I can't blame you if you thought the answer was Ethiopia, but it's actually the 6th hardest place in the world to seek gainful employ. The most difficult country to get a job is in fact The Republic of Macedonia. 37.2 per cent of the labour force are unemployed.

171169.  Tue May 01, 2007 7:34 am Reply with quote

A few places say that Nauru has an unemployment rate of 90%.

Seems strange.

Nationmaster also has Liberia, Zimbabwe and Turkmenistan as having unemployment rates of over 50%. It gets its info from the CIA factbook.





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