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Extremes/Oldest tree

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166277.  Sun Apr 15, 2007 7:41 am Reply with quote

As discussed last Tuesday:
In Tasmania, they claim to have had the world's oldest tree that is no more! See below:

The USA also boasts the oldest living trees currently verified, Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva). The largest recorded ring count for a Bristlecone Pine is 4,867 (

Australia can claim a little bit of glory in the age stakes in having the oldest genetically identical stand of trees. While no individual in this stand of Huon Pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii) in Tasmania is especially old by world standards, clones of the original tree have stood on the site for at least 10,500 years (

Huon Pines can be 2,000 years old and are Australia's oldest living trees.

Australia may be set to claim the world's oldest tree record, as two specimens of the world's rarest eucalypt, the Mongarlowe Mallee (Eucalyptus recurva), which grow 40 metres apart, may be part of the same original tree. If so, they are estimated to be 13,000 years old! If not, the individuals themselves may be 3,000 years old, making them Australia's oldest trees (

We also may have the oldest living plant, King's Holly (Lomatia tasmanica), with a clonal colony possibly up to 43,000 years old (


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