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Vow of Silence/Tyburn Convent

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Vow of Silence/Tyburn Convent/London's Smallest House

Q: Where in Central London you would only be able to answer this question between 3 and 4 p.m.?
A: In Tyburn Convent near Marble Arch

London's smallest house is only three-and-a-half- feet (3 ) wide, and forms part of the Tyburn Convent in Hyde Park Place, where 20 nuns live. These nuns have taken a vow of silence and still pray for the souls of those who lost their lives on the "Tyburn Tree," London's main execution spot until 1783, in which about 50,000 people were executed. There is a plaque at the junction of Edgware Road & Marble Arch marking the site.
The vow of silence is lifted between 3 and 4 pm when nuns conduct tours of the Convent

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BTW, London's smallest house bit can be used in "England" topic


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