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165297.  Thu Apr 12, 2007 9:50 am Reply with quote

During Charles II's last visit to Lincoln Inn in 1672, his hosts became so drunk that the King excused them from standing to drink to his health. Until now, the members of Lincoln Inn have the privilege of drinking the royal toast seated and have exercised it repeatedly, including on the occasion when Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh came to dine in 1967.

Source; “Streets of Old Holborn”, Camden History Society, 1999

The question here can be: “Who are the people enjoying the official privilege of toasting the Queen without standing up?

165301.  Thu Apr 12, 2007 9:56 am Reply with quote

At the meeting, some of the elves wondered if Navy members had the same privilidge. According to wiki:

The Royal Navy also deliver the toast seated, due to the inadvisibility of standing up suddenly below decks; this custom dates from King William IV, who, having served as a naval officer, had experienced the discomfort of standing up below decks, and authorized the Royal Navy to toast him sitting down.


The Black Watch of Canada takes a different approach, reciting the toast standing on their chairs with one leg on the table.



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