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Mount Kilimanjaro

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164237.  Mon Apr 09, 2007 2:26 pm Reply with quote

Alan once claimed on a show that Mount Kilimanjaro had a permanently snowy peak.

This is no longer the case, and might be appropriate for an Environment related piece of General Ignorance.,,2-13-1443_1676732,00.html

I'm thinking of this format for the DVD, but you are welcome to use it on the show.

Which of these is true of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro?

a) It is not technically a mountain
b) It is a volcano that has never been known to erupt
c) It has a permanently snowy peak
d) Its base is below sea level

Answer: (b) Yes. Mount Kilimanjaro is a Stratovolcano, the same type as Mount St. Helens, though it has never erupted in recorded history. Sulphur is still released at the summit but the main fear recently is that it will collapse, which in itself would create a disastrous eruption. The ‘permanent snows’ of this mountain’s peak are no longer permanent, having almost completely melted in recent years. The ice fields that have lain constant there for over 11 000 years are also close now to disappearing.
Fragile Earth, 2006 ISBN-10 0-00-723314-4


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