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What's Quite Interesting about this Island?

(picture researchers, my pic is here, though any picture which shows the outline should be good enough)

a) It's called Elephant Island
b) It was the location of one of the most daring rescues in the history of Exploration.

This was the Endurance expedition of 1914, headed by Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and with the goal of the first crossing of the Antarctic continent. The ship was only 100 miles from her destination when the ice closed in. After five months of camping on ice floes, they managed to drift to Elephant Island, where the men set up camp. Knowing that his men would never survive on the desolate spot, Shackleton decided to attempt an incredible seventeen-day, 800-mile lifeboat journey, in freezing hurricane conditions, to the nearest civilization - South Georgia Island. Eventually they reached land and Shackleton and two of his men trekked across the mountains of South Georgia, finally reaching the island's whaling station where they organized a rescue team, and returned to save all of them.

The men called Elephant Island “’ell of an island”.



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