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Erudition/Animal Adjectives

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162325.  Mon Apr 02, 2007 7:58 am Reply with quote

"Erudition", i.e. accumulation of knowledge, is very much up QI Street and could be a good subject for an E show.
I will post a couple of ideas that can be all incorporated into GI Animals, I think.

We have all heard about such animal adjectives as "bovine", "canine", "volpine" etc.

But how about:
Eusuchian - belonging to an alligator
Alcelaphine - ..... to an antelope
Dasypodid - .... an armadillo
Mustelid - .... a skunk or a badger
Edetante - .... an aardvark
Macropodine - ... a kangaroo
Ranine - .... a frog
Lutrine (not "Latrine"!) - .... an otter
Monothremal - .... a platypus
Murine - ..... a rat
Anapsis - ..... a turtle
Batrachian - .... a toad
Vombatid (not so hard) -.... a wombat

and so on?

162837.  Wed Apr 04, 2007 3:46 am Reply with quote

Yes, I like these kind of words.

Lupine: of wolves
Phocine: of seals
Apian: of bees
Rangiferine: of reindeer
Corvine: of crows
Macropine: of kangaroos
Struthionine: of ostriches


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