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Evasion/ Draft Dodging

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161589.  Fri Mar 30, 2007 10:29 am Reply with quote

Baarle Nassau/Baarle Hertog - a cluster of BElgian and Dutch enclaves near Breda used to be ideal for draft-dodging:
Draft-dodging in the past (now the armies in both Belgium and the Netherlands are professional). Prior to that, Baarle was a paradise for both Dutch and Belgian draft-dodgers and deserters, who were able to avoid conscription indefinitely by changing their residential addresses from one country to another, which was in most cases easily achieved by moving to a house next door.

In the Soviet Union, despite the seemingly strict conscription laws, draft-dodging was not that hard, provided one could pretend being mentally ill. A friend of mine got decommissioned as unfit after simulating "dromomania" - an irrepressible passion for purposeless travel (he didn't really have to try very hard).

Frederick The Monk
166923.  Tue Apr 17, 2007 10:29 am Reply with quote

The "Lost Division" was the name given to the huge number of American soldiers who had deserted in France and in Germany by the end of 1945. They numbered around 19,000, many living on farms and working as labourers, as black market racketeers, or in safe hiding places in their new found girlfriends' houses. By 1948, about 9,000 had been found. In 1947, the British Government announced an amnesty for British deserters and 837 gave themselves up.

SOURCES: (biased political source)


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