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What parts of Britain are NOT parts of the EU?

F: The UKIP headquarters
A: Channel Islands

Like a number of other bits of the EU territory (enclaves, some duty-free areas - like Livigno, say) and semi-dependencies (like the Faroes), Channel Islands are EXCLUDED from the EU membership by special explusion protocols.

Michael Beaumont, the Seigneur (feudal ruler) of Sark told me recently that, despite being officially outside the EU, the island keeps getting lots of instructions from the EU bureaucrats who are unaware of Sark's exclusion. One of the instructions recently received concerned the rules for heavy trucks passing through Sark. NB. All vehicles, except for bikes and a handful of tractors are banned on Sark!

BTW, Sark is the only remaining feudal state in Europe (meaning it is run along the feudal lines). The official language of the Sark parliament is patois (bastardised French). Lots of peculiar antediluvian legislation on the island, e.g. the Seigneur is the only person on Sark who is allowed to own bitches (I mean female dogs, of course) and pigeons. In 1993, a drunk Frenchman "invaded" Sark (he peddled to the island in a small boat), declared Sark a French territory and put up a French flag in the village green. The local Constable (they are chosen from the island males on an annual rotation basis) then arrested the invader and frogmarched him to the local one-cell prison (or rather a medieaval anachronism of a prison). The problem was that, by Sark legislation, the Constable is responsible for feeding the prisoner/s while he/they are incarcerated there. The Constanble's wife soon got fed up with cooking for the Frenchman, the latter was taken back to his boat and sent away back to France...

Own research plus EU documents


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