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Q: What did Henry Stanley's expedition of elite explorers do with 6 handkerchiefs?

A: They gave the handkerchiefs to cannibals in order to watch a native being dismembered, cooked and eaten whilst they sketched the process.

Stanley's last expedition (1887-89) was to rescue physician and Egyptian governer Emin Pasha from Southern Sudan. He chose British army officers to come with him. One of these, James Jameson, heir to the whiskey empire, bought a native (girl) for the price of 6 handkerchiefs and gave her to cannibals “so that he could watch her being dismembered, cooked and eaten while he sketched the whole process.”

When Stanley found out about the act later (after Jameson had died of fever) he was furious, but still thought that Jameson wasn’t “originally wicked” but that Africa had duhamanised them.

Henry Morton Stanley was born John Rowlands, the result of teenage pregnancy in Denbigh, Wales, 1841.

His mother abandoned him, his father was unknown, and he grew up in workhouse.

At 17 became a cabin boy on a US freighter and jumped ship at New Orleans.

He took the name of local cotton magnate Henry Stanley, and pretended he was his son.

Joined the southern army in American civil war, was captured, changed sides, deserted, joined the federal navy, deserted, became a journalist.

The quest to find explorer David Livingstone was financed by his paper, the New York Herald after losing Livingstone for a year on Lake Tanganyika.

Stanley set out from the coast near Zanzibar in March 1871.

On his way, Stanley encountered cannibals who shouted “niama, niama” or “meat, meat.” After one clash, according to his diaries, those left on the battlefield had their faces, genitals and stomachs boiled and eaten with rice and goat meat.

“Dr Livingstone, I presume” is thought to be a fabrication by his biographer.


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I thought it was an 8 year old girl in the meeting!?!?!?

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I thought it was an 8 year old girl in the meeting!?!?!?

I think you'll find that it was 'a native'.

I wouldn't want anyone getting upset about the realities of British history.

It's only horrid Germans who do nasty things afterall.


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