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Excise and Customs/Sniffer Dogs

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Q: What might replace sniffer dogs in customs?

A: Sniffer bees.

Bees are possibly going to replace dogs in customs.

A company in Harpenden called Inscentinel has been working with customs and the military to test bees in their ability to sniff out explosives, drugs and chemical weapons.

Unlike dogs who take 3 months to recognise a smell, the bees are trained in 10 minutes. 3 or 4 bees are then put into a handheld sniffer box. Air is sucked into the box and wafts over the bees.

If they detect the smell, their probiscoses stick out. If they respond correctly, they get a treat of sugared water. A miniature video camera is trained on them, which is connected to a computer programme with movement recognition software. If movement is detected,an alarm sounds.

The box would be used at security check points in the same way as the 'electric wand.'

The technology is also being developed in a lab in New Mexico.

The bee squad as a code name: SISP or "Stealthy Insect Sensor Project".

Cockroaches and flies also have similar uses.


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This is what I was talking about at the meeting. I know you all looked at me like I was mad, but cress may be used to find explosives - specifically landmines.


Danish scientists say they have developed a genetically modified plant that will detect unexploded landmines.

Plants developed by Copenhagen firm Aresa Biodetection are said to turn from green to red when they come in contact with explosives in the soil.


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They're also planning to genetically create their own diatoms whose skeletons they'll use as gas sensors too:


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