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Eponymous: patient

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157930.  Tue Mar 20, 2007 10:48 am Reply with quote

Another strange case of eponymity ...

Tim Bingham of Cheltenham was five years old when he got the flu - it left him 100% paralysed, unable even to blink.

His condition was “so rare” (it says here, but I’m not sure they don’t mean otherwise unknown) that it was named after him: Bingham’s Syndrome.

The syndrome was a complete puzzle to doctors, until they discovered that he was missing “a basic vitamin.” When he went down with the flu, he stopped eating. When Tom doesn't eat, “he doesn't produce L-Serine, an amino acid commonly found in animal proteins.”

He now takes the vitamin three times a day, and is able to speak, move his head, and even walk a few steps.

This report says “Naming a disease after a patient is very rare. Generally it is named after the person who discovered the condition.”

A nice irony that one of the “very rare” cases of an eponymous patient turned out have such a simple cause.

S: Western Daily Press, 19 March 07.


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