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Sir Anthony, of that ilk, was arguably Britain’s most comical PM of the 20th century.

This is Andrew Marr, writing in the Daily Telegraph, 14 March 07:

“I knew that Eden had contemplated taking control of the BBC as he seethed about its unpatriotic commitment to reporting the news, rather than acting as a voice of his embattled government. What I hadn't heard was that troops had been quietly mustered in a building off the Strand awaiting orders to march into Bush House and take it over. Bush House was the headquarters of the BBC’s ‘external services,’ now the World Service, which particularly irritated the government - enough so for the Foreign Office to tell the BBC it would slash its budget if it carried on reporting dissenting articles in the British press. Meanwhile, along the road, BBC engineers had been issued with sledgehammers and told by their managers to smash their equipment rather than let it fall into the hands of the government.”

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<raises hand>

These are the dudes who bought a terrace in Bedford and are holding it for Jesus for when he comes back from the dead, aren't they?

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