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OK, how does this work?

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21242.  Mon Jun 06, 2005 1:43 pm Reply with quote

The world therefore looks wrong.

I'm a teenager, what do you expect?!

21246.  Mon Jun 06, 2005 3:25 pm Reply with quote

That's no excuse, although I am frequently told things are because of "my age."

21247.  Mon Jun 06, 2005 5:32 pm Reply with quote

And they probably are. :D

21248.  Mon Jun 06, 2005 7:37 pm Reply with quote

It's my observation that, especially if you are female, most problems (especially medical ones) are held to be 'because of your age'. I have yet to discover the perfect age that doesn't automatically generate problems.

21249.  Tue Jun 07, 2005 2:13 am Reply with quote

that is of course unless you smoke, then thats to blame for everything

21251.  Tue Jun 07, 2005 3:44 am Reply with quote

Jenny - to give you something to look forward to, the optimal age at which to write a novel seems to be 50 (to interpret rather loosely a study which shows that the average age of authors who topped the hardback fiction section of the NY Times bestseller list is 50.5).

Francoise Sagan and Agatha Christie are the statistical outliers at 19 and 85 respectively, and JK Rowling and Dan Brown are both pulling the average down, but this is heartening news for those of us who are trying to come to terms with the fact that if we were ever going to win Wimbledon we would have done so already.

21254.  Tue Jun 07, 2005 5:43 am Reply with quote

On the other hand, research funded by the American National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that inventors are most likely to have their first big, original idea at 29, the age where the combination of education/experience with enthusiasm is optimised. This age has been rising, supposedly because the amount of knowledge which needs to be absorbed is constantly increasing. Artistic achievement in certain fields is also concentrated around the 29 mark (Quentin Tarantino - Reservoir Dogs, Chris Evans - TFI Friday, Freddie Mercury - Bohemian Rhapsody) (though this part of the article seems to be extremely anecdotal and unscientific).

On the other other hand the average age of Nobel Prize winners is about 40.,,2087-1632524,00.html

21255.  Tue Jun 07, 2005 5:48 am Reply with quote

So the right age to be is 30, 40, or 50.

21256.  Tue Jun 07, 2005 5:52 am Reply with quote

Hold the front page! This just in:
Seventeen is the perfect age, aspired to by younger teenagers and adults alike, according to a study on consumer attitudes and values.
Children have always wanted to be older, and adults have always wished they could reclaim their youth. According to market researchers, Datamonitor, 17, is where these two aspirations meet; the perfect age.

At 17, one is on the cusp of adulthood, and the freedoms it entails, yet still young enough to duck the burdens and responsibilities of being a grown-up.

17-year-olds included until recently Joss Stone and Amir Khan (the boxer).

21257.  Tue Jun 07, 2005 5:56 am Reply with quote

From a man's point of view the perfect age for a woman is half his own age plus seven years:
I'm pushing 40 so 27 would fit me about right...although my wife might disagree.
You're 80? She should be at least 47. Who else is gonna change your diaper?
You're 46? Stick to 30 year-olds. It starts to get a little creepy below that (although I will allow some exceptions).
You'rer 20? You can't go below 17...its just not right and probably not even legal (unless you live in Alabama and she's your sister).
You're a 13 year-old kid. She should be older than you, more worldly. 13 1/2 perhaps.

21258.  Tue Jun 07, 2005 6:01 am Reply with quote

Although check out the bottom post on the "your comments" section it reads:
Anthony M, UK wrote:
Do I wish I was still 17? At 17 I was taking driving lessons, cruising through my A-levels, considered finishing homework at 6pm "late", and 7am was a mythical beast. At 24 I'm up at 6.30am and back from work at 6.30pm. My A-levels have led me into a career I'm not enjoying, and I'm driving about 20,000 miles a year. Yes, I wish I was still 17.

S perhaps it's not all rosy. I think I realy enjoyed being 19 most of all, I had taken the advice found in a copy of Viz at the time, it read.
"Kids why move out of home now while you're still young enough to know it all"
I did move out and took the very steep learning curve to realising I would never know it all

21268.  Tue Jun 07, 2005 10:56 am Reply with quote

I'd heard that thing about the age everyone aspires to, but I thought it was 19. 19, 20, or 21 seem more likely to me- when you're those ages you are legally an adult, but still probably have very little responsibility for anything. At 17 you spend a lot of time trying to look older in order to get into bars and so on, so the aspirational age ought to be a bit higher.

That said, 17 does seem to be the age which is mentioned most often in pop songs.

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21269.  Tue Jun 07, 2005 10:59 am Reply with quote

I am secretly hoping 17 is not the best age, because I am halfway through it and spending all my time on a message board.

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21270.  Tue Jun 07, 2005 11:00 am Reply with quote

Hmm...this Anthony person. He had a pretty good life at 17, from my experience, in that he finished homework at 6pm. I finish around 9 on good nights. Although, when it's revision, I finish before I've even started :)

21289.  Tue Jun 07, 2005 4:58 pm Reply with quote

Jenny wrote:
I got very fast at using the number pad when I was working at Penguin and we used to use it to enter ISBNs to look books up on the system.

Ever notice that the numberpads on phones have the no 1 in the top left while on a keyboard its on the bottom left.

Mate told me it was because keyboard users used to enter numbers too quickly for the phone equipment to cope.

Net result, load of secretaries who couldn't ring their mates and a lot of nagged bosses.

Solution, confuse their fingers by swapping the numbers about.

Anyone else heard this ?


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