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167168.  Wed Apr 18, 2007 4:47 am Reply with quote

I'd be amazed if any of them existed - except as self-conscious jokes. I have a friend who used to have H.W.A.H after his name on his business cards; he was a jobbing repairman, and the “letters after his name” stood for “Handy With A Hammer”. I can imagine a window cleaner giving himself a fancy title - for a laugh, as an ice-breaker, or in order to stand out in a crowded market - and I can imagine a reporter pretending to believe it was sincere in order to get a “the modern world has all gone crazy” story out of it. Personally, I wouldn’t touch this with a bargepole - lacking the resources to really nail it down, we’re in danger of ending up looking like a complete bunch of broadsheet journalists.

167190.  Wed Apr 18, 2007 5:34 am Reply with quote

Unless we can think up amusing job titles for Stephen, the guests and the audience...

Stephen: Interrogative Manager in charge of Prolixity Augmentation Facilitation.
Guests: Entertainment Sector Solutions Consultants.
Audience: Adulatory Reactive Generation Cooperative.

167759.  Thu Apr 19, 2007 7:29 am Reply with quote

By contrast to fancified job titles, there is a bloke at the British Museum who is in charge of handling heavy objects - moving mummies from one place to another, or getting statues ready for shipping abroad, and so forth - and his official job title is “Senior Heavy-Objects Handler.”
S: ‘The Museum’ by Rupert Smith (BBC Books, 2007)

172211.  Sat May 05, 2007 7:24 am Reply with quote

Many people pointed out that the most famous example of a name change for marketing purposes was that of rapeseed to canola in North America. It didn't come to mind when I
wrote the item, as that name isn't well known in the UK, where we call a spade a spade and a rape plant a rape plant, though its oil is usually sold labelled euphemistically as "vegetable oil".

- World Wide Words, 5 May 07.

I wonder why they don’t sell it as “rape oil” ... ?


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