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150807.  Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:00 pm Reply with quote

Hi Tas,

Ok I'll add it.


150811.  Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:03 pm Reply with quote

Tas wrote:
Chrome Dome: An often used derogatory term for Professor Charles Xavier in The Uncanny X-men comics of the sixties and seventies.

I can vouch for that, and will look for proof when I get home.



Is that where it originated? How QI.

150849.  Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:46 pm Reply with quote

Have we had happy clappy yet?

150855.  Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:55 pm Reply with quote

bumpkin wrote:
Your other example is simply beyond the pale.

Not liking an entry in the English language is not a reason to exclude it from a list of such things. I don't like the phrase either, because it's derrogatory, and yet it is used in everyday language. Or consider this, by the same token I don't insert expletives between every word in a sentence but it does not exclude them from being actual, legitimate language so that if you asked for a list of words that rhymed with "duck" or "hunt" then guess which words should be on that list ;)

Tas wrote:
Chrome Dome: An often used derogatory term for Professor Charles Xavier in The Uncanny X-men comics of the sixties and seventies.

I can vouch for that, and will look for proof when I get home.



I recall Wolverine may have used it, occasionally? Sticking with the comic theme, I think Iron-man is more commonly referred to as "chrome dome" and not in a derrogatory fashion either, since he does wear a very bald, metallic and shiny battle suit. I've heard it used on TV/movies as well, though I'd be hard pressed to name an example. It'd be like asking me to name a movie where someone used the words "easy-peasy". I bet they have, though when and where is beyond my ability to remember.

150856.  Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:56 pm Reply with quote

Wiki says chop shop exists

if Wiki says it, it must be true, (don't let suze hear that).

150885.  Fri Feb 23, 2007 2:28 pm Reply with quote

Hello Jenny

Yes (no. 13)

Hello Sand

It is to some extent arbitrary what is in the list and what isn't. I tried to include terms that were either (a) in the OED or (b) in wide and general use. In the end this thread was just a bit of fun and I demurred from the inclusion of some suggestions because I was loathe to offend anyone.

Hello Everyone

I feel that the thread seems to be changing gradually from a bagatelle in which we explore the quirkier corners of English words and phrases to "The List" (capital T capital L) and the increasingly uncomfortable arbitration of usage, taste and propriety. I confess this is a task I feel ill-equipped to undertake.

Having, with your help, produced a formidable array of bizarre, preposterous and downright funny constructions I believe it's time to leave The List either to someone else who may like to start their stewardship with entry number 135, or to itself.

Thanks for all your efforts and for joining me in this jeu d'esprit .

Here it is for a final time:

01 simple : easy-peasy

02 furiously fast : helter-skelter

03 very quick : pell mell

04 reckless : harum - scarum

05 artistically pretentious : arty-farty

06 nonsense : mumbo-jumbo

07 nonsense : clap-trap

08 obscenely rich capitalist : fat cat

09 police station (slang) : cop shop

10 to prune flowers : dead-head

11 dubious goings-on : hocus-pocus

12 billing and cooing : lovey-dovey

13 exuberant religious service : happy-clappy

14 female of questionable reputation : shady lady

15 sly fellow : tricky dicky

16 wonderful : super-duper

17 boiling : hubble-bubble

18 random : willy-nilly

19 random collection : hotch-potch

20 chaotic : higgledy-piggledy

21 in confusion : hugger-mugger

22 affirmative : okey-dokey

23 details : nitty-gritty

24 a stupid person : silly-billy

25 flower : bizzie-lizzie

26 conflict : argy-bargy

27 vague : airy-fairy

28 rush and confusion : hurly-burly

29 misbehaviour : hanky-panky

30 ineffectual : namby-pamby

31 haughty : hoity-toity

32 exiguous : itsy-bitsy

33 tiny : teeny-weeny

34 fat : roly-poly

35 associate with : hob-nob

36 stew : hot pot (thanks remy)

37 recipes : cookbook

38 carrying case : backpack

39 industrial action : go-slow

40 act obsequiously : kowtow

41 sexual misbehaviour : rumpy-pumpy (thanks 96aelw)

42 everyday : humdrum (thanks half-daft)

43 young male lover : toy boy (thanks tas)

44 communication device: walkie-talkie (thanks samivel)

45 whiz kid : hot shot (thanks samivel)

46 old fashioned : fuddy-duddy (thanks again to samivel)

47 air hostess : trolley-dolly

48 charity foot race : fun-run

49 penalty in rugby league : sin-bin

50 strange person : odd bod

51 the masses : hoi polloi (thanks half-daft).

52 Sudanese warrior (C19th army slang) : fuzzy-wuzzy (thanks Izzardesque)

53 musical genre : boogie woogie (thanks samivel)

54 weapon : stun-gun

55 v.i.p. : big-wig (thanks Fudgie)

56 conservative : true-blue (thanks Fudgie)

57 magician's mantra : izzy-whizzy (thanks Costean)

58 affected or prim : niminy-piminy (thanks King of Quok)

59 expression of fear or surprise : jeepers-creepers (thanks Fudgie)

60 unintelligent person : nit-wit (thanks Fudgie)

61 person of unconventional appearance : gender-bender (thanks Samivel )

62 car accident (American slang) : fender-bender (thanks King of Quok)

63 waste paper basket (Oxf. slang) : wagger pagger bagger (thanks K. of Q.)

64 rugby enthusiast (derogatory term) : rugger-bugger (thanks Izzardesque)

65 unsavoury sexual activity (very reluctant to include this) : gangbang

66 garment : crop-top

67 emigration by an intellectual elite : brain-drain

68 retracing one's steps : back-track

69 dog's sound : bow-wow (thanks Costean)

70 random collection : rag-bag

71 violent, forceful : wham-bam (thanks King of Quok)

72 tent : teepee

73 recriminations : blame-game

74 gymnastic position : handstand (thanks Costean)

75 stage : bandstand (thanks Costean)

76 card game : blackjack (thanks Costean)

77 card game : fantan (thanks Costean)

78 a dumpling : wonton (thanks Costean)

79 musical instrument : hurdy-gurdy (thanks Costean)

80 finest, best : bees-knees (thanks Costean)

81 ill-gotten gains : swag-bag (thanks Fudgie)

82 inn food : pub-grub (thanks Costean)

83 prosthetic limb : peg-leg (thanks Costean)

84 maximum audience period : prime-time

85 distress call : mayday (thanks Costean)

86 simple drawing or symbol : wing-ding

87 city centre : down town

88 call attention : yoo-hoo (thanks Not-a-number)

89 England cricket fans : barmy army

90 faeces remover : poop scoop

91 faeces remover : pooper scooper

92 attempt : pot-shot (thanks samivel)

93 outdoor meal : picnic (thanks samivel)

94 small or dim bedroom lamp : nightlight

95 wireless or radio : hi-fi

96 spectator accommodation : grandstand (thanks Fudgie)

97 negotiation : pow-wow (thanks Costean)

98 impossible : no-go (thanks Costean)

99 glitz : razzle-dazzle (thanks Samivel)

100 amateur performance : am-dram (thanks Fudgie)

101 wild fellow (obs) : roister-doister (thanks Costean)

102 social climbing : fame game (thanks Samivel)

103 politically unsettled region : hotspot (thanks Izzardesque).

104 malign attitude : ill will (thanks Fudgie)

105 the British press : Fleet Street (thanks Samivel)

106 female inclined towards gay men (coll.) : fag-hag (thanks Samivel)

107 astronautical development : space race (thanks Half Daft)

108 traditional postal service : snail mail

109 Film principally of female interest : chick flick (thanks Samivel)

110 computer programs : shareware (thanks Costean)

111 obese person (coll.[OED]) : jelly-belly (thanks Samivel & Sand)

112 stilt-like pole : pogo

113 badge or mark : logo

114 vagrant : hobo

115 stage lighting accessory : gobo (thanks King of Quok)

116 boxing tournament : fight night (thanks Samivel)

117 electronic gadgets beloved by males : boys toys (thanks Sand)

118 Haitian magic: voodoo (thanks Samivel)

119 a curse or jinx: hoodoo (thanks Samivel)

120 disease of the brain : kuru

121 antelope : kudu

122 magic charm or spell : mojo (thanks samivel / 96aelw)

123 traditional Maori tattoo : moko (thanks 96aelw)

124 science fiction genre : sci-fi (thanks tas)

125 cable-free computer communication : wi-fi (thanks tas)

126 free spirit : wild child (thanks Sand)

127 aeronautics display : fly-by (thanks Sand)

128 hippie movement : flower power (thanks Sand)

129 recherche food : posh nosh (thanks Sand)

130 electronic ablutions : power shower (thanks Sand)

131 style of food and music : texmex (thanks Sand / samivel)

132 slow motion replay : slo-mo (thanks Sand)

133 miscreant : bad lad (thanks Sand)

134 balding pate : chrome dome (thanks Sand / Tas)


151653.  Mon Feb 26, 2007 11:40 am Reply with quote

Probably too technical to really include on the list are two words that come to us from Hawaiian to describe different types of lava: pahoehoe and a'a.

Read all about them on wiki

Even if they don't make the list - they're great words, and worth sharing.

151657.  Mon Feb 26, 2007 11:50 am Reply with quote

Great work there Half-Daft, because you reminded me that "Wiki" is itself a Hawaiian word.

It means "fast" iirc and should be permitted to join the list.

153916.  Mon Mar 05, 2007 3:22 pm Reply with quote

I see that you include various words which accidentally contain a rhyme (such as teepee, fantan, wonton, pow-wow, voodoo). Would you therefore accept words and phrases such as air fare and payday?

Would "incy wincy" (as in "...spider") count, or is it a name?

domestic drama: Aga saga

cremation fee: ash cash

cover for a bed: bedspread

lorry: big rig

strapless crop top: boob tube

lecture with no visual aids: chalk talk

cacophony: charivari

crib: cheat sheet

nonsense: claptrap

horror film: creature feature

art fan: culture vulture

bogus profile on an Internet dating site: date bait

people of the same sex, on the pull together: date mates

diarrhoea: Delhi belly

all the best players together: dream team

fishing lure that is meant to stay above water: dry fly

blonde hair: fair hair

equitable allocation: fair share

nice distinction: fine line

balsamweed: fuzzy-guzzy

religious people: God squad

man good at DIY: handy Andy

the period when something was fashionable: heyday

Anglicization of foreign phrases: Hobson-Jobson

what it's all about: hokey cokey

striptease: hoochie-coochie

stew: hotpot

a grey mouse that is often a household pest: house mouse

confused bustle: hurry-scurry

rich stratum of society: jet set

film for children: kid vid

masturbation: knob job

lawyer: legal eagle

allowing no light in: light-tight

literary criticism: lit crit

Beatles hairstyle: moptop

competitive name-dropping: name game

low-alcohol beer: near beer

air travel at night: night flight

night vision, or a device on a camera or rifle enabling someone to use it at night: night sight

the colour of tarnished gold; wealth that has been in a family a long time: old gold

bra: over-the-shoulder boulder-holder

small person: peewee

unattractive woman: plain Jane

indeed: quite right

the rabble: rag-tag, raggle-taggle

precursor to go: ready, steady

someone with ginger hair: redhead

Pb_3 O_4: red lead

wealthy rude woman: rich bitch

coarse undercoat; violence: rough stuff

exploitation of lax corporate law in Sark: Sark lark

controversial radio programme host: shock jock

crash helmet: skid lid

read quickly: speed read

2 parallel rows of 4 cylinders: straight eight

a sweet: sweetmeat

boot style: thigh-high

method of putting a coloured design onto a garment: tie-dye

a delicacy: titbit

posy: tuzzy-muzzy

weightlessness simulator: vomit comet

cannabis: wacky baccy

company or person that prevents an attempted hostile takeover: white knight

wild party; ?dingbat: wingding

attractive mother: yummy mummy

flashy 1940s menswear fashion: zoot suit

153997.  Mon Mar 05, 2007 10:42 pm Reply with quote

Funny money? - faked currency.

155133.  Thu Mar 08, 2007 6:16 pm Reply with quote

romantic comedy: rom com

155138.  Thu Mar 08, 2007 6:34 pm Reply with quote

Let's look at the list before posting suggestions...


155141.  Thu Mar 08, 2007 6:39 pm Reply with quote

I did! :P

155165.  Fri Mar 09, 2007 1:53 am Reply with quote

bumpkin wrote:

bad lad is fine - I'll add it.

'cept it doesn't rhyme - not for everyone anyway.

Okay, it doesn't rhyme for me.

228409.  Wed Nov 07, 2007 10:25 am Reply with quote

Hodgepodge - a heterogeneous mixture


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