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109225.  Mon Oct 30, 2006 12:42 pm Reply with quote

Q: Why did the Haslemere Home for the Elderly close down?

A: Because of a series of bizarre endings for its inhabitants...

In September 1960, a male inhabitant of the Haslemere Home for the Elderly in Great Yarmouth died of a cardiac arrest after fellow resident, 81-year-old Gladys Elton, performed a striptease.

Five more of the inmates were consequently treated for shock.

In 1961, there were three more deaths at the Haslemere Home after one of the other patients, 87-year-old Harry Meadows, dressed up as the Grim Reaper and peered through the window brandishing a scythe.

This second incident closed down the home.

Haslemere has the largest elderly population in Surrey.

Elton John's mother-in-law is called Gladys. (David Furnish's mum). Elton has also duetted with Gladys Knight.


Brewer's Rogues, Villains and Eccentrics: William Donaldson -

Molly Cule
156739.  Thu Mar 15, 2007 7:08 am Reply with quote

Taiwanese villages strippers sometimes striptease at funerals. There are a few reasons why this could be. The main reason put forward is that your honour is measured by the number of people who come along to your funeral and a strip show is a good way to get people to come. A less cynical reason is that strippers entertain demons and evil spirits who lurk about at funerals so they don’t bother and contaminate the living at the ceremony. It might also, of course, sometimes be what the deceased has asked for.

Similar things were also happening in China, until last year when stripping at funerals banned.
China acts on funeral strippers

Chinese villages are being told to end the practice
Five people have been detained in China for running striptease send-offs at funerals, state media say.
The once-common events are held to boost the number of mourners, as large crowds are seen as a mark of honour.

But the arrests, in the eastern province of Jiangsu, could signal the end of the rural tradition.

Local officials have since ordered a halt to "obscene performances" and say funeral plans have to be submitted in advance, Xinhua news agency said.

The arrests, in Donghai county, followed striptease acts at a farmer's funeral, the agency said.

Two hundred people were said to have attended the event, which was held on 16 August.

The Beijing News said the event was later revealed by a Chinese TV station. The leaders of five striptease troupes were held, it said, including two involved in the farmer's funeral.

"Striptease used to be a common practice at funerals in Donghai's rural areas to allure viewers," Xinhua agency said.

"Local villagers believe that the more people who attend the funeral, the more the dead person is honoured."

As well as ordering an end to the practice, officials have also said residents can report "funeral misdeeds" on a hotline, earning a reward for information.

156741.  Thu Mar 15, 2007 7:13 am Reply with quote

Stripping is officially an art in Norway. An appeal court judgement decided such so that strip-bar owners are exempt from paying VAT.

They now hold the same tax-exempt status as comedians and sword-swallowers (link)


156742.  Thu Mar 15, 2007 7:16 am Reply with quote

The sex industry in China is called a "yellow" activity.


Molly Cule
156830.  Thu Mar 15, 2007 11:40 am Reply with quote

Louis Quilico, a Canadian baritone who was starring in Rigoletto in Chile in 1970 - he sung, the audience watched on admiringly and a pigeon feather circled down from the rafters. As it approached, the singer threw back his head in song, swallowed the feather and fainted. That was the end of the opera for that night.

156832.  Thu Mar 15, 2007 11:44 am Reply with quote

Claudius was supposed to have choked to death on a feather I think. It was one of the emperors anyway. I'm sure you oxbridgers know who I mean.

Typical that a thread on stripping should degenerate into a discussion about the classics.

156850.  Thu Mar 15, 2007 12:17 pm Reply with quote

Do we alumni of the University of British Columbia count?

The circumstances surrounding Claudius' death are a bit confused. Several writers claim that he was poisoned by mushrooms - perhaps Agrippina's doing - and Suetonius suggests that a doctor used a feather to induce vomiting. Tacitus has it that the feather was itself poisoned, while Barbara Levick's biography of Claudius concludes that death was the result of a stroke.

Seneca's Apocolocyntosis makes Claudius' death humorous:

"Ultima vox eius haec inter homines audita est, cum maiorem sonitum emisset illequae facillius loquebatur, ‘va me, puto concacavi me’."

("This was the last utterance of his to be heard among men, after he let out a sound from that part with which he found it easier to communicate, ‘Oh I think I have shit myself’.")

Pliny the Elder certainly thought Claudius was murdered.

This article, written from a medical perspective, covers the matter quite nicely:

156852.  Thu Mar 15, 2007 12:22 pm Reply with quote

Cheers Suze, at least I wasn't making it up.

159444.  Fri Mar 23, 2007 2:40 pm Reply with quote

Link to Molly's strippers here

The Chinese like to burn effigies of material goods at funerals in the thought that the dead will be able to enjoy the goods in the afterlife.

One "graveyard shop" in Nanjing is selling paper laptops, mobiles, travellers cheques and even call-girls, condoms and viagra.


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