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119929.  Thu Nov 23, 2006 11:11 am Reply with quote

I'm only posting this because in my the quiz league last night I got the question "what kind of animal is a civet?". Being the kind of person who tries to get questions right, I said it was a Viverridae, which inclused civets, genets and (possibly) mongooses. However, the answer given by the question setter was that they are cats; which is incorrect.

So, next time you see a civet, please don't insult it by saying that it a cat.

gerontius grumpus
123143.  Sun Dec 03, 2006 8:25 am Reply with quote

When I was a teenager in the Seventies, the girls used to wear musk perfume which was said to be extracted from civets. I'm sure it was entirely synthetic really. It would be regarded as very charvy these days.

King of Quok
132488.  Mon Jan 08, 2007 6:54 pm Reply with quote

They succeed where so many members of the Viverridae have failed, being accorded their own song in a musical. Stiles and Drewe (the re-writers of 'Mary Poppins' for the stage) produced a musical version of Defoe's 'Moll Flanders', which starred Josie Lawrence, and which acheives some pretty good rhyming on the subject of civets. The owner of the 'civet factory', enamoured of Moll, assures her that

"The gland of a civet is marvellous rare,
And the civet's activit-ies fill the air...",

to which Moll replies:

"I thank you good sir, for your kind guarantees,
But where are these glands, won't you tell me please?"

"Do come and inspect 'em,
There just by the rectum,
And if you behave, you can have a squeeze!"

133156.  Wed Jan 10, 2007 1:19 pm Reply with quote

Two words...

kopi luwak

: )

133159.  Wed Jan 10, 2007 1:29 pm Reply with quote

Oooh, talking dirty to Josie Lawrence, shivers!!

Being bi-lingually challenged as I am (this doesn't mean I can or cannot speak 2 languages, rather that I tend to get them mixed up), when I first saw the title of this thread I thought of lovely jugged hare - civet de lièvre - so completely forgetting the meaning of the word in my own language that I had to look it up.:-(

208468.  Mon Sep 10, 2007 4:08 pm Reply with quote

The civet is also (quite interestingly...) the animal responsible for Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world.

Apparently the civet eats only the ripest coffee berries off the bush. The berries' trip through the civet's intestine removes the flesh of the fruit, but leaves the coffee bean and its thin covering membrane intact. Digestive enzymes also remove some protiens from the beans making for the smoothest possible cup of coffee. Its expensive because the entire harvest is collected by hand from (ahem) little piles on the forest floor. The beans are then washed (one would hope very well....) dried, and roasted in the usual manner.

I'm not sure if I could bring myself to drink it...but the bragging rights...

Rai Lord
402508.  Fri Sep 05, 2008 5:00 am Reply with quote

a bit similar to the weasel vomit coffee bean i should imagine? season 3.

civet in the tsonga language is Fungwe while leopard is Ingwe because they have similar colouring patterns. So you will never get it wrong if you see them out in the wild. trusting of course that you know what a leopard looks like...


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