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Endings Show

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119758.  Thu Nov 23, 2006 4:01 am Reply with quote

I wonder whether we could have a show dedicated to Endings that STARTED at the end, and finished at the beginning.

So the first thing you would hear would be applause (as per normal), then Stephen giving his end-of-the-show anecdote (on endings) followed by 'and in first place tonight is the end-of-the line Bill Bailey, in second place is end-of-the-day Jo Brand, in third place is man's best friEND, Alan Davies, etc'.

He would then progress into the General Ignorance Round.

Then play 10 questions as per normal.

Then Stephen would say to the panel please press your buzzers. (They could be the same or different to the buzzers used in the show).

He would then say, 'please thank our guests for being here...Alan Davies, Bill Bailey, Jo Brand etc etc,'

And finish on "Good Evening, good evening, good evening - THANK YOU for joining us on this special night of QI, where 'E' stands for 'Endings'

Credits roll.

This could either be made to happen during the edit, or played out for real as above...


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