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Early Birds

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116002.  Mon Nov 13, 2006 6:23 am Reply with quote

The last Early Bird was George Debaun Grundy Jr, who died on May 19, 1998.

The Early Birds Club was an organization whose membership was limited to those who had flown solo before December 17th, 1916, and it ceased to exist when Grundy died.

The 1916 date was 13 years after the Wright Brothers' flight. For countries other than the USA which were involved in the 1st World War an earlier date was set - you needed to have flown before the war (ie before August 4th, 1914).

There were 599 members in all. They held reunions and published a journal called Chirp. Chirp#19 (June 1937) was published as #20 (don't know why - cock-up, perhaps) which brings us to another question about Early Birds:

116005.  Mon Nov 13, 2006 6:28 am Reply with quote

When is the December issue of Vogue (or any other magazine) issued?

Early November, I guess? This matter was raised by Mat elsewhere, and it might tie in to Euphemisms - ie the "December" issue is actually the November issue, a "Medium" latte is actually a small one (they only come in medium, large ane extra large) etc.

116007.  Mon Nov 13, 2006 6:28 am Reply with quote for the aviators, BTW.


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