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Eating/Banned Cook Book

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169937.  Thu Apr 26, 2007 12:06 pm Reply with quote

I've posted this in E Series GI, but then thought it could also come under Eating:

Elena Molokhovets' A Gift to Young Housewives" first published in 1861, became the Bible of cooking and household management for generations of middle- and upper-class Russian women up until the revolution in 1917, when it was banned by Soviet censorship: most of the ingredients recommended for a "young housewife of modest means" were unobtainable in the USSR, the book was regarded as "capitalist propaganda", albeit its copies were circulated in Samizdat and were at times copied by hand - like those of Orwell and Solzhenitsin!
Incidentally, Elena Molokhovets was often called Russian Mrs Beeton: there were lots of parallels in their lives, including the fact that both died in their 20s.
Probably the world's only cook book that was banned...

Source: and many other
Plus own research (I saw the book's title in aweekly Glavlit bulletin of books banned in the USSR)


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