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Q: What were children in Sweden, Finland and Norway banned from doing in 1980?

A: Watching the seminal children's film ET

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Despite living in some of the most liberal countries in the world, Nordic children were not permitted to follow the fortunes of Planet Earth's most famous illegal immigrant.

According to the film critic Chris Tookey (and The People newspaper):

Censors in Sweden , Finland and Norway even ruled that E.T. was unfit for child audiences because "the film portrays adults as enemies of children

This bizarre fact is backed up by its censorship history at:

Whereas ET was a 'U' in the UK, it was a 12 in Norway and an 11 in Sweden.

Spielberg designed the alien himself basing it largely on Albert Einstein:

"I didn't want him to be cute like a Disney bunny rabbit," says Spielberg.
"I wanted him to have a thin, serpentine neck, like a turtle, that rose trustingly above his shoulders. That would prove he was an alien and not a human in costume. I wanted his eyes to reflect the wisdom of Albert Einstein and the humanity of Carl Sandberg, the poet."

When Spielberg first approached Columbia Pictures to make the movie they turned it down and pressed ahead with its own alien-comes-to-earth movie Starman with Jeff Bridges. Starman earned nearly a billion dollars less than ET. The studio's most profitable film in 1982 for Columbia was the percentage of ET it retained by selling it on.

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Ooh - that's a good one.

Paul Davies - the physicist and author - is second on the list of people who are to be contacted when E.T. calls - The SETI Post Detection Comittee. (And presumably post-confirmation too).

Here's the full list of Earth's ambassadors. I can think of a few people who'd be a bit better. David Attenborough for one...

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