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1476.  Fri Nov 14, 2003 3:08 pm Reply with quote

This forum is intended to be used by the research team for the second ("B") TV series. In due course it may be transferred to a new private section of the site; for the moment it's just another forum, albeit one which is inaccesible to most posters. If you can see it, that means you're on the list and can post.

In order to make it work to best effect I think we should run it like this:

1) Each "B" topic will be the responsibility of one or other of the researchers, who will be identifed in the thread. They will post their findings as they go along. Others, please add in any material you think will help them as you happen upon it.

2) Please stay on topic within each thread. New topic, new thread.

3) Please stay factual, quote sources, and remember that the researcher i/c the topic may want to incorporate your contribution into an encyclopedia.

4) Chit chat, banter, etc, should go ONLY in the "Banter" thread.

5) Remember to think in terms of questions that the guests can run with, ie not just obscure nuggets which they won't know but which won't give them any scope to improvise around either.

6) "General Ignorance" is a thread for misapprehensions and trick questions which need not necessarily have a "B" connection.

7) It would probably be polite and avoid complications not to mention this forum in the public forum.

Good Hunting, all.

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1584.  Mon Nov 17, 2003 12:42 pm Reply with quote

Also: we should use this thread for any discussion of process as opposed to content, eg to arrange meeting times, suggest improvements in the way we organise ourselves or use this forum, etc.


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