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1417078.  Mon Aug 22, 2022 6:03 pm Reply with quote

In Frances Grose's 1811 Dictionary of The Vulgar Tongue there is an entry which speaks to the period's leftover understanding of something interesting called Aniconism:

RELIGIOUS PAINTER - One who does not break the commandment which prohibits the making of the likeness of any thing in heaven or earth [...]

e.g. "I see you are a religious painter.... cos what the fuck is that supposed to be?!"

Truly some 3rd degree burns were delivered back then. Here is an AI's impression of what that artist painted:

Alexander Howard
1418432.  Thu Sep 15, 2022 7:23 am Reply with quote

That's a good one. There must be a lot of material in Grose's work.

An American journalist a hundred years ago wrote "The Devil's Dictionary" not of slang, like Grose, but as a cynical look, from an American perspective, that is often just space-filling and 'humorous' poetry but which can be uncomfortably accurate.

The definition of "Man" is:

An animal so lost in rapturous contemplation of what he thinks he is as to overlook what he indubitably ought to be. His chief occupation is extermination of other animals and his own species, which, however, multiplies with such insistent rapidity as to infest the whole habitable earth and Canada.


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