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1414410.  Tue Jul 05, 2022 12:42 pm Reply with quote

Why was Adolf Hitler so fond of Chamberlain?

Klaxons for appeasement, ignoring Germany's advances in Europe, etc.

The Chamberlain in question is not Neville, the British PM, but his second cousin, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, who was so revered by Hitler that the latter and other prominent Nazis attended his funeral, and he was said to be Hitler's "John the Baptist".

Chamberlain was British, and like many others in the latter 19th century, embraced the notion of racial superiority, believing the British were part of the Germanic people.

To this end he grabbed onto the writings of Richard Wagner, ignoring his music, or the fact he worked with and befriended several Jews, and wrote a biography highlighting Wagner's antisemitic writings, and establishing a history that all of Wagner's work is linked to antisemitism ***

He also wrote a very successful book called "The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century", a 1200 rambling vision of a superior Aryan race that saved Europe from the Semitic races, including the Jews.

The book was very well received, not just by the likes of Hitler and Kaiser Wilhelm, but also by Winston Churchill and even George Bernard Shaw.

He didn't just write what he believed, he tried to live it, and in his admiration of Wagner (though not seemingly interested in his music), he pursued Wagner's daughters, eventually marrying the younger daughter, Eva.

*** I originally came across this information in trying to learn a little about Wagner, because his legacy is today remembered as a very antisemitic one, which is understandable considering some of his writings, but other writings and actions suggest to me that perhaps some of what he wrote was an attempt to get back into a society which was very antisemitic at the time, having been exiled for some of his socialist ideas previously.


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