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Euphausia Superba

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Q: What are the heaviest animals in the world?

F: Elephants, Blue Whales, Americans

A: Euphausia Superba...aka...'Antarctic Krill'.

The Antarctic krill's biomass is estimated to be between 125 to 725 million tonnes, making E. superba the most successful animal species on the planet. It should be noted that of all animals visible to the naked eye some biologists speculate that ants provide the largest biomass (but this speculation adds up hundreds of different species) whilst others speculate that it could be the copepods, but this too would be the sum of many hundreds of species that exist over the planet. To get an impression of the biomass of E. superba against that of other species: The total non-krill yield from all world fisheries, finfish, shellfish, cephalopods and plankton is about 100 million tonnes per year whilst estimates of the Antarctic krill production are between 13 million to several billion tonnes per year. The entire earth contains about 75 billion tons of biomass. Humans comprise about 250 million tons (0.33%), all domesticated animals about 700 million (1.0%), and crops about 2 billion tons or 2.7% of the Earth's biomass.

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