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Quaker Guns

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1360527.  Wed Oct 14, 2020 10:43 pm Reply with quote

In the episode "Quiet" (please excuse, we do not get our episodes at the same time as the UK) Sandi Toksvig made a comment on "quaker guns" used on the B-25 Mitchell. She made the statement in such a way as to suggest to the viewer that the B-25 always used fake "broom handles" in the tail gun location.

This is quite inaccurate (QI?). The only time quaker guns were ever used on this aircraft was on the aircraft used on the Dolittle raid on Tokyo, which took place not long after the attack on Pearl Harbour. In that mission the B-25s were required to take off from an aircraft carrier (USS Hornet) and as the B-25 was a land aircraft not designed for carrier operations ALL defence armament was replaced by broom handles to lighten the aircraft sufficiently to enable them to take off safely, as there were no catapults fitted as there is now to modern aircraft carriers. Rest assured the B-25 in normal operations carried real guns in the tail, dorsal turret. waist position and in the bomb aimer/navigators position, as well as 4 fixed guns fitted below the cockpit and firing forward

1360580.  Thu Oct 15, 2020 10:29 am Reply with quote

Hi shay001 - I'm going to move this to the Quibbles forum, where I think it's better placed :-)

We love a good quibble, us.


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