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Alexander Howard
1390038.  Thu Sep 16, 2021 6:12 am Reply with quote

Thinking initially of Tristan da Cunha rather than the romantic hero of Cornish legend, I found there was thread way back that missed the D series that someone suggested for 'T', although its most interesting fact did turn up a series or two ago:

Tristan has its own flag, capital city and government, all for a population of 270-odd. Immigration is strictly limited, because the locals do not want their island to become crowded.

I've a map of Tristan amongst my collection at home, showing such lovely place-names as Where Times Fall Off Gulch, and (if I recall) 'Where the Irishman Lost His Baggage'.

The island used to be within the Diocese of St Helena, but by some rebellion to throw off the ecclesiastical shackles, is now in the Diocese of Cape Town. I don't know if that caused a fierce schism in the congregation of St Mary's. The church is of volcanic rock and wood salvaged from shipwrecks, with a corrugated steel roof. In the 1990s it proved too small for such a great population and was extended,


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