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Longest Running (S)ci-fi (S)eries in America

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1389763.  Tue Sep 14, 2021 8:15 am Reply with quote

It's well known that the longest running science-fiction series in the UK is "Doctor Who", but what's the longest running science-fiction series in the US?

Klaxon for "Supernatural" which ran for 15 seasons/15 years.

Double Klaxon for "Star Trek", because while the franchise has produced 34 seasons of television shows, no individual series has lasted more than seven.

(3 for the Original Series, 1 for the Animated Series, 7 for Next Gen, 7 for DS9, 7 for Voyager, 4 for Enterprise, and as of this writing, 3 for Discovery, 1 for Picard, and 1 for Lower Decks.)

Surprisingly, the longest running science fiction series, beating out Supernatural by 4 seasons (or four years) is Red Vs. Blue, which has produced 19 seasons since 2003.

If you're not familar with Red Vs. Blue, it was a comedy about military work life set in the fictional "Halo" universe, using that game's engine to animate characters, though later seasons have used more technology, and is currently completely animated, albeit in a computer engine.


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