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One of the few funicular railways in England not at the coast or in a museum/ theme park is, Shipley Glen Cable Tramway Which was opened on 18 May 1895 by Sam Wilson, a local publican, showman and entrepreneur. It was intended to ease access to a number of other, now long closed, attractions at Shipley Glen. It is currently run by volunteers and charitable funding from Bradford Council.

Another is the London Millennium Funicular

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Alexander Howard
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Alexander Howard wrote:

I was going to mention the Bridgnorth Cliff Railway as well - it's in the Wikipedia article referenced.

But I must admit I had no idea about the one at the north end of the London Millennium Bridge, even though I walked past there not long ago. It's essentially an inclined lift to allow disabled people to access the Thames riverside path from the bridge - the journey lasts all of 60 seconds!

Its official name appears to be the "Millennium Inclinator", and according to this report it's broken down 146 times between July 2012 and April 2019. No wonder they want to keep quiet about it :-)

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I'll hold my hands up and admit I thought the Bridgnorth one was on the coast. Thanks for correcting, there are 3 not on the coast or in museums /theme parks.

The one in Shipley surprised me most as have been to there often and never even knew there was one.

Alexander Howard
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Well, we can count Bridgnorth as being in Wales - it is within the Lost Cantrefs of Powys, according to Giraldus Cambrensis.

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What words make up the word Helicopter?

Klaxon for Heli & Copter.

It's made up of Helico (as in helix), and Pter (as in Pterodactyl).

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Maybe adding Travel to Transport to catch more Qi stuff:

In 2012, after an intensive police search for a lost tourist in Iceland over the course of a weekend, involving members of the public and even other tourists, where was she eventually found?

Klaxons for her hotel room, or back at home or other ideas.

When the search began, the police handed those taking part a brief description of "Asian woman, about 160cm, in dark clothing, and speaks English well". She was reported missing after stepping off a tour bus and not returning.

In fact, what happened was that she simply changed clothes and got back on the bus with everyone else, just dressed differently to how she was before.

Incredibly, she joined the search immediately, not recognising the description as being herself, and spent the weekend looking for herself before realising and reporting to the police.


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