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Confess to the Skeleton

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1384765.  Thu Jul 08, 2021 2:42 am Reply with quote

In 1927, this patent: - was awarded to Shelby Helene Adelaide.

It is an "Apparatus for obtaining criminal confessions and photographically recording them"

It's a skeleton. Specifically, an interrogator sits in one room, while the suspect sits in the other room, opposite a human skeleton, and the interrogator would ask the questions through the skeleton, which would record the answers. Also - the skeleton was fitted with glowing red eyes, which was purely for the dramatic effect.

"The primary object of my invention is the provision of an apparatus for the creation of illusory effects calculated to impress the subject with their being of a supernatural character and to so work upon his imagination as to enable an inquisitor operating in conjunction with the recording system to obtain confessions and graphically record them by light action under the control of electric impulses, governed by varying intensities of 20 sound waves."

This was never put into production, as far as I know.

Unrelated, here's a picture of Geoff Peterson, the robot skeleton sidekick of Craig Ferguson from his Late Late Show run:


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