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1382380.  Sat May 29, 2021 11:50 am Reply with quote

Want to know about governments-in-exile? These exiled governments still exist:

1. The Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic. This was the governing body of the Belarusian People's Republic.

Since 1919, the Rada BNR has been in exile where it has preserved its existence among the Belarusian diaspora as an advocacy group promoting support to Belarusian independence and democracy in Belarus among Western policymakers. As of 2021, the Rada BNR is the oldest existing government in exile.

2. National Council of Iran.

Effectively the governing body of the old Shahist Iran. Led by Reza Pahlavi (who now calls himself 'King of Iran') it is based in Paris and the 'king' lives in Potomac, Maryland, USA.

3. Royal Lao Government-In-Exile

This is a Lao government in exile opposed to the Lao People's Democratic Republic. It purports to seek to institute a constitutional monarchy in Laos that ensures freedom, justice, peace, and prosperity for the Lao people. It is based in Gresham, Oregon.

4. Republic of South Maluku

This is an is an unrecognized secessionist republic that claims the islands of Ambon, Buru, and Seram, which makes up the Indonesian province of Maluku. Following a guerrilla war in Indonesia this organisation moved to, and still resides, in the Netherlands following its leader's execution in 1966.

5. Third Republic of Vietnam

This is a claimed government in exile, headquartered in Orange County and other Little Saigon communities. The organization aims for an anti-communist Vietnam. It was formed by former soldiers and refugees from the old South Vietnam and was officially founded the following year.

It uses the 3-stripes-on-a-yellow-background flag of South Vietnam which, interestingly, was flown by demonstrators during this year's storming of the Capitol building.

6. Free City of Danzig Government-in-Exile

This is a self-declared government in exile which claims sovereignty over the territory of the defunct Free City of Danzig. Based in Berlin, Germany it respects the original constitution of the Free City of Danzig. It also bases its legitimacy on the fact that the old Danzig was neutral, its occupation in 1939 was illegal and that the Allies had no authority to annexe it to Poland.

7. Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra

This is a secessionist movement in Nigeria, associated with Igbo nationalism, which supports the recreation of an independent state of Biafra. It was founded in 1999 and is led by an Indian-trained lawyer Ralph Uwazuruike, with headquarters in Okwe, in the Okigwe district of Imo State.

8. The Front for the Liberation of the State of Cabinda-Exercito de Cabinda (FLEC)

This supports the creation of an independent Cabinda - an oil-rich province separate from mainstream Angola and once known as Portuguese Congo. It unsuccessfully proclaimed Cabinda an independent republic in 1975. The government of this entity operates in exile, with offices located in Paris, France, and Pointe Noire, Congo-Brazzaville.

9. The Manchukuo Government

This is an organisation established in 2004 in Hong Kong. On its website, it claims to be the government in exile of Manchukuo, a Japanese puppet state with limited recognition which controlled Manchuria from 1932 to 1945; it seeks to revive the state and to separate it from the People's Republic of China, which controls its claimed territory. Journalists and internet users have expressed doubts about its authenticity and aims. It claims to have merged with other Manchu independence organizations as of 2019.

10. West Papuan Government-in-Exile

Based in the Netherlands it campaigns for an independent West Papua, based on the territory of the old Dutch New Guinea.

1382383.  Sat May 29, 2021 12:05 pm Reply with quote

Does the Parliament in Taiwan not still have seats for constituencies on the mainland, as it still lays claim to the 'old country'?

1382384.  Sat May 29, 2021 12:32 pm Reply with quote

My understanding is that both the Chinese and Taiwanese governments consider mainland China and Taiwan to be one country, and tentatively agree to differ on which of them is its Government. Technically, I suppose that would mean neither party considers themselves or the other to be 'in exile' as such.

Conversely, the Biafran successionist movement appears to be based in what they would consider to be Biafra, but the Nigerian government and the UN would not.

1382426.  Sun May 30, 2021 7:02 am Reply with quote wrote:
6. Free City of Danzig Government-in-Exile

I think there are currently four different self-proclaimed instances of that!

The one actually referred to here is run by a guy with the unlikely name of Beowulf von Prince. He's a bit of a Peter Dow, and narrowly avoided imprisonment in Switzerland after a conviction for forgery (issuing what he represented as Danzig passports and driving licences).

His self-styled government espouses Neo-Nazi ideology, and neither Berlin nor Warsaw has ever gone far beyond giggling when asked about it.

I'd probably be entitled to Danzig citizenship if such a thing did actually exist in 2021, but I don't feel obliged to investigate the possibility.


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