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How quickly can you legal become a widow in France

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Klaxons for any jokes about shotgun weddings or suchlike.

The answer is from before the wedding.

In most countries it's illegal to marry a dead person, though some traditions (like in Korea) allow people to marry a ghost or such representation through a ceremony.

In other countries, especially European nations involved in WW1, it was accepted for girlfriends of soldiers to be married to them if they were pregnant or already planned a wedding.

However, a disaster in France led to a new law that allows civilians to petition the President of France to marry someone who is already dead.

It all started in 1959, when the Malpasset Dam in Southern France collapsed, causing a flood that killed 423 people, among them a young man named André Capra.

Andre was engaged to Irčne Jodart, and she made a public plea to Charles de Gaulle to allow her to marry her fiance even though he was dead. She gained support from the public and media and within months a new law was drafted allowing marriage posthumously under certain circumstances through direct appeal to the president.

So not so much a case of "Till death do us part" as more a case of "Till death do us get married".


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