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Fasstest swimming stroke

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1379935.  Wed Apr 21, 2021 6:22 pm Reply with quote

I would like to ask what does the question about the fastest swimming stroke have to do with Naval Navigation or anything else beginning with N.

And where is the evidence that the fish kick is the fastest swimming stroke? I would presume that elite swimmers would not use this stroke if they did not think it was the fastest, but that proves nothing. Since swimmers are only allowed to swim underwater for 15 m it's not really fair to compare the fish kick with the front crawl or the butterfly which might be swum over 50 m or 100 m. You would need to get somebody like Michael Phelps to swim 50 m with the fish kick (if he could swim 50 m underwater using this stroke) and see how long it took and compare it with his times for 50 m front crawl or butterfly, for a fair comparison. And it really makes little sense to say that the fish kick is the fastest swimming stroke as an absolute statement. It depends who is doing it. Even over 15 m I would bet that Michael Phelps would be faster doing the front crawl (or even the doggy-paddle) than me doing the fish kick.

1379970.  Thu Apr 22, 2021 8:23 am Reply with quote

You can say the same thing for any kind of human racing.

We claim Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive, but that's only over short distances, could he keep that speed up over 10k, or even compete with others who run 10k at their speed?

It's about diminishing returns.

A fish kick, or dolphin kick, or whatever people want to call it has a very short level of diminishing returns, and 15m sounds about right. There are several reasons for this, due to the effort it takes to continue this method of swimming, and the drag of being underwater compared to being above water.

For the latter, you have to consider that in order for the swimmer to get the best speed out of freestyle (and other styles of swimming), they need momentum to reduce the effort required to continue longer distances (even 50m).


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