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Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus less pompously known as Suetonius was a Roman historian who wrote during the early imperial era of the Roman empire and is famous for his work “There are a lot of Caesars” or “the Twelve Caesars” as most non-classic students know him by Because they are not frustrated by the fact everyone wanted to be Julius Caesar.

Born in 69 C.E likely in Modern day Algeria, Suetonius came from a family of some Social standing, including a father who was tribune belonging to the Equestrian order. Suetonius was good friends with Pliny the younger who calls him "quiet and studious, a man dedicated to writing."

Suetonius was unique among historians, Roman historians famously the likes of Cicero used history as a persuasive tool to prove an argument and the history would be dictated to whichever history would benefit him or his client. Suetonius however, as well as Plutarch but he's already gone, describes the deeds as well as the character of his subjects creating a type of ancient influencer but always stressing that these great men were humans.

However, like any good historian, Suetonius would not shy away from some good old speculation. Even though this show has previously used him as a reliable source for quite interesting questions on your show, it is important to note that Suetonius was as much a collector of gossip as he was historical sources. but in the end, what are we historians except collectors of gossip with qualifications...?

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Interesting stuff XoeyBG and welcome to the forums.

This reminds me I must start the T series talk forum since that is our next line of research.


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