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Episode 364: Zillah, WA

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1376952.  Tue Mar 16, 2021 4:48 pm Reply with quote

I've seen the teapot gas station in Zillah, I stayed in town on my way back from viewing the eclipse in Oregon. The old style pumps are no longer working, the whole building was moved to be visible from the main road through town. The building is now a souvenir shop. It's in wine country, so there are tons of wineries that people from Seattle and Olympia go out to visit. Also apple country - you would not believe the sheer number of apple crates stacked up outside the apple storage places. Tens/hundreds of thousands of them at each one.

The t-rex you dubbed "God-Zillah" is in a park next to a church, but it is part of a whole group of dinosaurs that all look a bit odd, like a child's impression of what dinosaurs look like. It's also not in Zillah, it's the next town over called Granger. It's a bit of a stretch of a nickname, even for a diplodocus.


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