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How do we know we are all Homo Sapiens?

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1371289.  Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:16 pm Reply with quote

The emphasis on the importance of language was made in the YouTube link you posted bob - it ascribes the success of H. Sapiens to the development of complex thought which language allows.

What I intended to convey was that I think emojis can contribute to understanding by allowing the addition of a mood to a piece of text but I'm not so keen on their completely replacing text as an everyday means of communication.

For my taste that gif cycles too quickly btw but that isn't the point - what I'm saying is that 8 pages of emojis with about 650 images per page isn't a huge capacity for expression compared with the almost limitless permutation and nuance of the written or spoken word but their use may add a dimension to understanding on the part of the reader which a lucid but less emotionally connected section of prose would not impart.

When I see the written word entirely substituted for by a string of emojis it makes me sad because I see it as a lost opportunity for expression and exploration of the elegance, precision and sheer fun of stringing words together.

Truthfully it wasn't my intention to comment about the genetics stuff but since I'm here anyway...

A geneticist would tend to say something like this:

The preponderance of the dominant allele(s) R (,G and D) within such and such a population leads to an average [example physiological response] time of t seconds. The higher incidence of the r (,g and d) allele(s) found in A. N. Other group leads to the slower average [example physiological response] time of t+n seconds. Phylogenetic analysis suggests that the ancestral genotype was ? (, ?, ?). The emergence of the mutant allele resulted from the selective advantage it conveys in an environment of [given niche element] against which the ? form defines merely baseline protection. (The ? locus is within the Makesomethingup linkage group and the disadvantage the ancestral allele carries relative to the newly emergent form is outweighed by the selective advantage imparted by the arisal in the parent population of the variant of the Promakesomethingup Oxidase gene with which it is predominantly co-inherited. The evidence suggests that the allele increased in incidence relative to ? after post ice age climate change related food species extinctions meant that the members of the group no longer routinely needed their livers to de-toxify [former food component] metabolites and the new form of the gene, while less effective for its now obsolete original function, does impart a benefit in [example physiological response] time.)

Population geneticists don't talk about individuals; at any rate no circumstance springs readily to mind where they would do so - that's exclusively a matter for medical and veterinary geneticists I think.

I'm sorry if that geneticsy bit isn't as clear or as light-hearted as I intended it to be but I enjoyed writing it despite how hard it's been to get the logic of the fictitious circumstance right.



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