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Sandy or Scandi?

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1354675.  Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:40 pm Reply with quote

And why not?

Anyway, for a Scandi question: When did the Swedes mark the leap day for 1700?

Klaxon for 29th February 1700, or 28th February, or 1st March, or 1769, 1701, or that they didnít have one.

The answer is that they finally held the leap day for 1700 onÖ 30th February 1712!

The issue came from Sweden wanting to change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar earlier than many other nations, and to do it gradually, so they decided to simply omit the leap day from 1700 to 1740, so that by 1741 they would be aligned with the Gregorian calendar.

February 28th 1700 came along, and the next day became 1st March 1700, and everyone was happy.

However, the Great Northern War started, and everyone was so busy for the next few years that they forgot to ignore the leap days for both 1704 and 1708, so their calendar was now not aligned to either the Julian or Gregorian calendars used by other countries.

The simple solution was to simply add the 1700 leap day back on after 29th February 1712 and pretend nothing changed. Sweden finally properly changed to the Gregorian calendar in 1753 and simply lopped off several days just like everyone else.

1354677.  Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:45 pm Reply with quote

As an interesting aside, I don't know if it's true elsewhere, but when you visit some of the old small town graveyards in the Old West in the US, you might occasionally come across graves with the date of death either February 29th, 30th or even 31st, even in non leap years.

The reason was because sometimes people were found dead and it wasn't clear when they died.

February 29th was meant to signify they died on an unknown day in February.

February 30th was meant to signify they died on an unknown day in March.

February 31st was meant to signify they died on any other unknown day.

1362613.  Fri Oct 30, 2020 1:50 pm Reply with quote

Another Randi Scandi for Sandi

Svalbard is the only place in the world that is an entirely visa free zone.

That means anyone can come and live or work, regardless of where they're citizens.

There are rules that allows expulsion, such as lack of means of support, and violation of laws or regulations, but they apply to everyone equally.

You're advised to purchase a decent sized freezer, so you have something to warm your house when it gets cold outside...


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