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camels in australia

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1352524.  Thu Jul 09, 2020 3:56 am Reply with quote

s11 e11 stephen said something was as rare as a camel in australia WELL!WELL!WELL!
guess what!!! we here in australia export camels all around the world !!!! would someone ,please, tell stephen to australia's past we have a lot of occasions when people flooded here to steal our underground treasures and because we are a great big desert, camels were brought here for the hard work undoable by horses and donkeys in the great outback,,,,at the end of eah of those occasions the camels were simply left to wander - and - a hundred years later - we had to find something to do with the thousands of wild camels we found living in and filling up our centre - so now we have a camel food industry, caravans for tourists in our great outback, and we supply camels to africa, the middle east and south america.....

sorry stephen, but what you muttered out of the side of your mouth is quite wrong - we have SO MANY camels that we now supply the world's needs....

garry - australia

1352552.  Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:35 am Reply with quote

I think you're referring to S10E11, and there might be a slight misunderstanding.

In it Fry is talking about the huge number of camels in Australia, and that their produce is actually imported to the Middle East and elsewhere because of this.

He then goes on to mention a company that offers to "offset" your carbon footprint by shooting a camel (because of the farts they produce). At this point he points out this isn't fair because Europeans in cars are as natural in Australia as camels are. This is not to say camels are not well established and thriving in Australia, it's that they were not native animals before being brought over in the 19th century.


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