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Inęs de Castro

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1343306.  Sun Mar 01, 2020 10:49 am Reply with quote

Regarding episode Q-14 ("Queens") XL, around the 14m 45s mark, Sandi says about Inęs de Castro "there's a magnificent coffin you can still see, it's at the monastery of Alcobaca".

It's not "Alcobaca", it's "Alcobaça" (pronounced "Alcobassa").

Then she says "but there's a modern Portuguese expression, 'agora Inęs é morta', 'now Inęs is dead', which means 'it's too late, you can't turn back now'".

This isn't really a modern expression. In fact, in modern Portuguese we wouldn't use the verb "é" (we'd say "Inęs está morta"). It's supposedly what king Dom Pedro told one of the killers when he asked for clemency: "Agora é tarde, Inęs é morta." ("It's too late [for that] now, Inęs is dead").

It is used in some literary works, both literally (in historical plays and poems) and figuratively (to mean 'it's pointless now'), but it's not really an expression that people use frequently in Portugal. Seems slightly more common in Brazil, but still pretty obscure as expressions go.

Also, Dom Pedro's father was called Afonso, not Alphonzo. Perhaps you were "translating" it into English, as you did with Pedro -> Peter, but later in the same episode you don't translate Dom Joăo to John, and instead (mis)pronounce his name as "Djoao".

1343313.  Sun Mar 01, 2020 4:25 pm Reply with quote

Thank you! We always appreciate a good correction.


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