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Q Series Episode 14 Queens: Titanic passengers

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1343880.  Thu Mar 12, 2020 6:11 am Reply with quote

During the Queens episode, Sandi talked about two Titanic passengers. Since I recently got to look at the Titanic passenger list database, I looked up the two passengers in it.

While I was able to easily find the first mentioned passenger, Mr. William Thompson Sloper, I had trouble to find steerage class passenger Mr. David Buckley (as Sandi read it), who was able to stay in a life boat, because a woman covered him with her shawl.

I did find Mr. Daniel Buckley, a third class passenger (same as steerage class), who had this experience in the lifeboat (according to

Sadly his rescue from the Titanic didn't give him the chance for a long life, as he died in combat during the Argonne campaign in 1918.

About the name mix up: Was there a mistake during the research or did Sandi read it out wrongly?


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