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Q - Queen (bees)

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Alexander Howard
1341889.  Mon Feb 03, 2020 4:25 pm Reply with quote

In the recent prog on 'Queens', Sandi asserted (as had Stephen in an earlier series) that queen bees were known as king bees until the modern period.

I should refer the Elves to Ælfric's works, in which he calls the queen be a "beo modor" ('bee mother').

He glosses the word with the Latin 'Chosdrus', and (as you will be aware), in the Glossiarum ad Scriptores Mediæ et Infirmæ Latinitatis (by Dufresne), this word 'Chosdrus' is given as 'rex apum', though Defesne also mentions Ælfric's 'beo modor'.


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