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1334622.  Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:56 am Reply with quote

Elves! Re: the info about quokkas - did you get your info from Veronica Phillip's PhD thesis found here:

When in uni, I volunteered twice as one of her assistants - setting up traps, measuring trapped quokkas, and then releasing them - etc. And as much as they are cute, they arent too bright. E.g. repeatedly trapping themselves in the SAME trap on consecutive nights.

If you did use her thesis for your research, I'm sure Veronica would be very pleased to know!

Another fun fact about quokkas - joeys can suffer from a fatal condition if separated from their mothers - be it orphaned or getting lost or actions from stupid tourists - called lactic acid rhabdomyolysis. Basically, they become so stressed out from the separation that the sheer amount of resultant lactic acid generated results in muscle breakdown and death results from the complications of this muscle breakdown.

1334651.  Mon Oct 28, 2019 10:50 am Reply with quote

Hi yihuiang,

My first source for the Quokkas was actually going to Rottnest Island, which I did during the No Such Thing as a Fish tour of Australia and New Zealand last year.

On top of that we brought together dozens of other sources - I can't see that thesis in the list from the person who brought the question together, but I can't discount it. Is there anything in particular in the thesis that you think was similar to what we said?

That's so funny about the quokkas going to the same traps! Having spent a bit of time around them, I can totally believe it!



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