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Laterality in cows

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1333005.  Sun Oct 13, 2019 1:18 pm Reply with quote

This rabbit hole started when I was reading a 1939 issue of Esquire magazine that discussed how left handed cows were sought or right handed cows trained to be southpaws. This refers to which side they prefer to be milked on. Dairy cows have a laterality. (Southpaws were needed because of the way the display was setup. So that fair goers could see the milking machines in operation all the cows needed to be milked from the left.) I read the following in an article (link below) "Interestingly, higher-producing cows were more likely to pass on the right side. Itís not known exactly why this happens, but it may be that cows stressed with higher milk production levels are more anxious and prefer to view the unknown person with their left eye (which is connected to the right hemisphere of the brain that processes fear and anxiety)." ( So, if you are going out cow-tipping soon keep this in mind -- determine the latralilty of your victim before approaching it and you are less likely to be gored. (Yes, I do know you don't milk cows that gore you, it' a joke.)


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