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Retort courteous - Reproof valiant

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Alexander Howard
1330105.  Thu Sep 19, 2019 7:27 am Reply with quote

Is the klaxon always sounding the Lie Direct (which is a cause to meet with rapiers at dawn)? Frequently when Sandi says "no", she leads on to a mere Retort Courteous or a Quip Modest, though more frequently the Reply Churlish. It swiftly moves though to the Reproof Valiant and as high as the Lie Circumstantial. I dare not take the final step.

A dispiriting thing about modern discourse it the lazy way speakers jump to a Counter-cheque Quarrelsome, mistakenly usually and, with no visible sense of irony, dishonestly. It would be so much better if conversation were to observe the rules ably explained by Touchstone, and rarely go beyond the first degree.


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